What we have done in the past:

Sent items such as;


Bible studies,

Church Certificates,

Church Stamps,

Church Banners,

Church Letterheads,

Church ID cards,

School supplies, paper, pencils, crayons, notebooks and backpacks




Iron sheets for churches

We have sent funds for:

Flood victims,

Needed medicine,

Church roofs,

Funds for bicycle to help spread the word,

To help build well,

For burn child,.

Also feeding the hungry orphans and poor.

What we are doing now:

We are doing much of the same with a few new items such as

Vegetable seeds

We have sent funds for:

Hospitalized child that fell out two story building and broke both arms and legs,

Burying killed Pastors,

Funeral expenses of dead church members,


Church rent


Lung Surgery pills

What we plan on doing in the future is:

Is pretty much the same with a few new things such as;

Handing out backpacks here in the states to the poor filled with personal hygiene supplies and food;

Good Lord willing help the poor however we can,

Spending funds on:

Help pay hospital bills for orphans and the poor

Food and housing when needed,

We plan on helping however we can and as often as we can while still spreading the good news of our Lord and savior Yeshua the Messiah who is well known today by the name of Jesus Christ.