An imagination is Yahweh's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift to Yahweh.

Emergency Addresses

When you have sorrow and pain go to Rev. 21:4 or Ecc. 1:18
If you have grief go to  1 Peter 2:19 
When you need courage go to Joshua 1:4-9 or Deut. 31:6
When people let you down go to Psalm 27
When you have sinned go to  Psalm 51
When you feel a need for things go to Matthew 6:19-34
When you are in danger go to Psalm 91
When God seems far away go to Psalm 27:9-14 
Wondering where the Lord is go to Psalms 139
When your faith needs refreshing go to Hebrews 11
When you are lonely go to Psalm 23
When you wonder about charity go toI Corinthians 13
When you feel unloved go to Romans 8:31 39
When you need rest go to  Matthew 11:28-30
Who you are in the Lord go to Romans 8:1-28
Forbidding miracles go to Mark 9:38-40 
When you think of marriage go to Mark 10
If you are afraid go to  Psalm 27
If you are losing confidence go to  I Corinthians 13
Wondering about your job go to Psalm 126
Ways of the Lord go to Psalm 19:7-14
If you want to be fruitful go to John 15
Wrath of man go toJames 1:19-26 
When being self-centered go to Romans 12
Want to praise the Lord go to Psalm 34 
Need help go to�Psalm 121 
For assurance go to Mark 8:35-38
For reassurance go to Psalm 145:18-21